Physiotherapy Poetry

July 31, 2019 | Jane Grainger

Physios are a curious bunch
We probably are select
Physio degrees are intense and tough
Testing our intellect

Practical lessons were rather fun
Learning new techniques
Like massage, stretching, mobilising
From arms to backs to cheeks

Reducing pain, increasing sleep
Teaching how to walk
Stretching necks and moving joints
Whilst listening to you talk

We love to help, we yearn to please
We want to see you smile
To ease that pain or increase the range
Relief for a long while

In our clinic we’re privileged
To see problems big and small
From accidents, poor posture,
Surgery, arthritis or a fall

We see necks and backs, arms and legs
With a splattering of finger
Tennis elbows and joint replacements
Acute problems and those that linger

You can throw anything at us, we’re quite robust
Challenges are what we enjoy
If its musculoskeletal in origin
Bring it to us, don’t be coy!

We will talk, look and fully assess
Any problems that you harbor
We’ll treat them and give you exercises
And answer any questions that occur

The other thing about physios
Is their ability to talk
They can chat you through any fears you have
Whilst teaching you to walk

And quietly I hasten to add
We do know that we’re bossy
We prefer to say enthusiastic
To make lives happy, shiny and glossy!
Jane Grainger
Patient reply:
Woke up this morning,
didn’t want to be late,
but some bits had stiffened,
will that be our fate?
Over the years the physio’s,
knowing the problems we face,
had given us exercises
so we can keep up the pace.
In next to no time at all
the back that would hardly bend,
and the shoulder that gave all the gyp
were moving and well on the mend.
So if you’re having problems
and at the end of your tether,
don’t suffer in silence –
phone up Backtogether!
John Preston

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 I would like to say that the treatment that I received from Jane in Elstead turned my health around completely.

I am very happy because I know that if I have another bout of back trouble I can trust Jane to give me the very best advice and treatment, all at  local clinic and reasonably priced.

Thank you very much indeed.

- Fiona Wragge-Morley
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