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Physiotherapy Poetry

Physios are a curious bunchWe probably are selectPhysio degrees are intense and toughTesting our intellectPractical lessons were rather funLearning new techniquesLike massage, stretching, mobilisingFrom arms to backs to cheeksReducing pain, increasing sleepTeaching how to walkStretching necks and moving jointsWhilst listening to you talkWe love to help, we yearn to pleaseWe want to see you smileTo […]

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Exercises For Hip Pain

Click here to see a useful guide for exercises for hip pain.

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Hip Pain

Hip pain is very common in the older generation. The hip is a ball and socket joint, designed to carry the weight of the body whilst also allowing a large amount of movement. The hip is designed to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear as it is involved in constant large range weight […]

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Managing Soft Tissue Injuries

The acronym PRICE has been central to soft tissue injury management for many years. P protection R rest I ice C compression E elevation Protection and Rest Initially rest and protection is required in the early stages to prevent re-bleeding and re-rupture at the injury site. The type of protection needed depends on the injury […]

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Don’t Run into Trouble

RUN: Better, Faster, Longer, Stronger Do you dream of being that runner where every step of every mile is 100% pain free? No aches, no twinges or niggles, no lingering soreness from yesterday’s session. Well, you are not alone; research shows that as many as 79% of runners get injured at least once during the […]

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Tennis Elbow – Prevention and Treatment

Click here to see a useful guide on the prevention and treatment of tennis elbow

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Should I be stretching? How do I warm up?

There is so much written about stretching and warming up, it is confusing for everyone. Should you stretch before or after running? What are the different types of stretching and are they in fact helpful or harmful? There are different types of stretching- Static stretching involves putting a muscle in a lengthened position, taking it […]

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Train Neck

I am writing this whilst on the train. I am sat with a bit of slump in my lumbar spine – not great but the main problem is the position of my neck. I am bent right over at my neck – if I took my phone away I would be looking at my upper […]

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Chronic Plantar Heel Pain

Heel pain, or as it is officially known chronic plantar heel pain (CPHP) is usually a change in the nature of the tissue within the sole of your foot, attaching to your heel bone called the plantar fascia. This structure acts as a strong guide wire between the heel and the big toe as you […]

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 I would like to say that the treatment that I received from Jane in Elstead turned my health around completely.

I am very happy because I know that if I have another bout of back trouble I can trust Jane to give me the very best advice and treatment, all at  local clinic and reasonably priced.

Thank you very much indeed.

- Fiona Wragge-Morley
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